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Skills You Can Quickly Improve When Writing An Essay On Christmas

If you ever find yourself in having to do the difficult task of writing a last minute essay – as often happens to students approaching the end of their first term before the holiday season – there are a few skills that can quickly be improved upon with little effort. This is something I learned last year when I had to write an essay on how I spent my holiday. I asked a professional service for english essay help and upon browsing the site found a really useful resource I could download for free. I’m now going to share the information I learned with you here:

Brainstorm Ideas and Get Them Down on Paper

Before you start writing the first draft, try brainstorming a few ideas and get them down on the paper. Start with 10 sentences about Christmas and then expand on those thoughts. Eventually, you will be able to see the 3 or 4 best ideas to focus on. Your Christmas Day essay will be easier to write if you have a solid idea of what it is you want to discuss more clearly.

Make Sure You Select Descriptive Terminology

Descriptive terminology is best defined by writing advice you have probably heard over the years from English teachers in grade school through high school: “show don’t tell.” The basic difference between the two is that the first attempts to paint a picture for the reader while the second attempts to inform the reader of a fact. Try writing out a few lines on Christmas and use a dictionary and thesaurus to come up with a variety of ways to express the same idea.

Utilize Transitional Sentences to Switch Ideas

One transitioning between one paragraph on Christmas festival to another it’s a good idea to add a signal to the reader that you are doing so. These are called transitional sentences that segue seamlessly and are usually placed at the very end of a paragraph. Some really good phrases to use to conclude a thought are “all things considered,” “given these points,” and “finally.” But there are other phrases you can use depending on the kind of effect and impression you want to give.

Create Impactful Introduction and Conclusion

Introductions and conclusions are often thought of as bookends to the core of any written assignment and help to both set the background of the material and to review its most important points. They need to be impactful and as such should be written at the very end of the first draft. This ensures that all the statements made relate precisely to the assignment’s core paragraphs.

Revise, Edit, and Proofread All of Your Writing

The first version of your assignment will certainly be on the rough side and will require that you revise, edit and proofread it accordingly. In order to create a top-notch Christmas essay in English you need to do all of these activities separately, preferably with at least a day between each one.

If you need even more help with your Christmas essay in English then consider hiring one of the many professional writing services on the web. With just a little bit of research you should be able to find a reliable service that can do everything from providing you with topic ideas to writing the entire assignment for you from scratch – and all of this within a budget you can easily afford.