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5 Controversial Topics For A Thought-Provoking Essay

The best writing help you will get about essays is always to pick a thought-provoking topic. Most students fear argumentative essays because they have to go to extra lengths to support their arguments. If you want to write a thought-provoking essay, you have to start with an evocative or controversial topic. If you always have problems convincing people to support you, the problem might be in the type of subjects you choose. If you look at the media today, you will find that controversy sells, and this is the same idea you should apply to your writing.

An argumentative essay is a great idea to interest your audience and make them look at a particular topic in a new perspective. Many great writers use controversial topics to initiate debates on the most difficult subjects in society. The hullabaloo that comes after helps people learn more about such subjects.

If you need writing help with your essay, the best idea is first to pick a controversial topic which scandalizes your readers. It is a clever way of gaining immediate attention before continuing into the details of the topic.

Below are some topics to get you started:

  • Conflict is necessary in any society: The topic will immediately elicit shock from your readers but if you have enough material to support the argument including evidence from contemporary society, you have a chance to write a winning essay. Such a topic is also great if you are using essay writing service as your writer will provide the supporting materials.
  • Females are better managers than men: Gender issues elicit debate every time, and this is a great idea to spur interest in your essay. You can use evidence from corporations led by women to support your argument.
  • Marriage is a dead institution: Again, you will touch raw nerves with many people especially those who revere marriage. However, you have enough evidence to show that the high incidence of divorce and unhappy marriages show this is a dying institution. Make sure you have statistics showing the high number of people living single and who are happy with their lives. You can request a professional writer to deliver custom essays on this and other topics to suit your requirements.
  • Capital punishment is the best way to deal with crime: As many states and countries do away with capital punishment, such a topic will instantly interest your target readers. Make sure you collect statistics to support your case for capital punishment as opposed to other types of solutions.
  • Assisted suicide is the best idea in today‚Äôs unhappy society: The debate on Physician-assisted suicide continues and you can take this opportunity to support the idea. Many people have to fly to Switzerland for physician-assisted suicide yet they have good reasons to want to die in a dignified manner. Use examples of people who would benefit from the passingof laws allowing assisted suicide including the terminally ill.

These topics and tips can improve or help essay writing skills for every student. If you need help with your essay, go online and identify a reliable writing service.